Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Cancellation Fee?2022-09-17T12:23:19-04:00

Yes.  The cancellation fee is 50% of your registration costs.

We are not responsible for any cancellation fees for your travel arrangements.

How do I request to present at CUI-CON?2023-11-09T18:12:43-04:00

The call for speakers is open through 15 October 2022.

More information can be found at https://sessionize.com/cui-con/.

Is there a Hotel room block?2023-01-22T15:24:29-04:00

Yes, there is.  A Hotel registration code will be given after you register.

When does registration close?2024-04-04T15:33:24-04:00

Registration closes on Friday 17 February 2023 at midnight EST

When is CUI-CON?2024-04-04T15:34:27-04:00

CUI-CON is being held on 23-24 February 2023

Where is CUI-CON?2022-09-20T13:12:44-04:00

CUI-CON is being held in Melbourne Beach, FL.

See the Conference Venue page for details.

Who is speaking at CUI-CON?2023-11-09T18:12:05-04:00

Please see our Speakers page for the current list of speakers.

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